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In this section you will find a selection of our listed homes for sale in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and surroundings. Each house for sale includes a brief description and pictures.

Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica is the most accessible beach along the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Domestic flights are available to and from Tamarindo. This service is provided by the two main domestic flight airlines in Costa Rica. Also you can reach Tamarindo by car, coming from San Jose it will take you am approximately a 4 hour drive, while enjoying the beautiful countryside.
Costa Rica’s international airport in Liberia, Guanacaste is open to international flights. The airport is just a 45-minute drive from Tamarindo.
Tamarindo Beach is part of a bay formed by a cape, Cabo Velas (velas is Spanish for sails, or sailfish). Playa Grande lies to the north of Tamarindo Beach inside the bay. The two beaches are separated by a natural salt water estuary, Estero Tamarindo. South of Tamarindo Bay there is another beautiful estuary and beach, Playa Langosta.
Both Playa Grande and Playa Langosta are protected nesting areas for the giant leatherback turtle, and are part of the Costa Rican national park system. These beaches are the major nesting areas worldwide for the turtles, which arrive from October to March to lay their eggs. Imagine owning your dream home in this paradise, waking up every day to the sound of nature in Costa Rica!
Tamarindo has an excellent selection of fine international and Costa Rican cuisine. Tamarindo also has a French bakery, as well as restaurants catering to health-conscious and vegetarian clients. You will never get tired of sampling the wonderful variations of uniquely prepared specialties featuring the abundant supply of fresh local seafood, fruits and vegetables.
In Tamarindo, Costa Rica you can find grocery stores, fresh veggies and fruit juice stands, an ice factory, a variety of souvenir and clothing shops, an art gallery, medical clinic, pharmacy, hardware store, a full service bank with ATM machine, Laundromats, Internet cafes and more. The Tamarindo area now has a new school, Country Day School, which is just a 15-minute drive from Tamarindo. This school is also located in San Jose, and is one of the best schools in Costa Rica.
Water sports are also very famous here in Tamarindo. Warm water surfing is enjoyed year round and families find this area offers opportunities for surfers of all skill levels to enjoy the great waves that bless this part of the coast. Find scuba diving, snorkeling trips, beach cruises, water skiing, jet skiing, catamarans, ocean and river kayaking, wind surfing, and sailing cruises.
There is also two championship golf courses here at Tamarindo, one of them at Conchal Beach Resort and another at Hacienda Pinilla.
Tamarindo's climate has two seasons, dry and rainy. The dry season, from November through April, is dry, hot and sunny. The humidity is very low and comfortable.
The rainy season begins in late April or early May and continues through October. A typical day is sunny or partly cloudy until late afternoon or evening, when showers build inland and move offshore, often producing spectacular sunsets. Everything is green and lush during this time of year.
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